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Whether you are a student seeking work while you attend classes, a recent graduate looking for employment, or simply would like to work at Western - let us point you in the right direction.


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I am a Western student

I am a recent graduate

I am an Employer

Looking to hire an intern for the summer, or hire a student for a project? Or perhaps you need to hire a recent graduate with specific skills for a permanent full-time position? 


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Volunteer Opportunities

If you're looking for volunteer opportunities, there are plenty, on and off campus. In addition to the resources listed here you can reach out to clubs, departments or other groups on campus to either find volunteers for your special event or to volunteer yourself!


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Seeking Employment?

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Whether you are a student seeking work while you attend classes, a recent graduate looking for employment, or simply would like to work at Western - let us point you in the right direction. 



I want to work at Western

Ready to find work as staff or a faculty member at Western Washington University? Discover employment opportunities that could lead to your next career.

Employment Opportunities at Western


For questions about employment opportunities at Western, please reach out to

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I am a Western Student seeking...

temporary employment while I am attending school or during a break.


Work for the Associated Students

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I want to work for the Associated Students.

Work for Dining Services

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I want to work for Dining Services, at on campus eatery or in catering.

Work for University Residences

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I am a student who wishes to work in University Residences.

I am a Western Student seeking...

Career, Internship and/or Networking Opportunities.


Career/Internship Job Listings

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Western's recruitment platform for careers and internships. Handshake is the #1 way college students find these opportunities.

Help with my Career /Internship Search

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Discover resources and/or arrange to meet with someone who can help you.

Network with Alums

Western students network with alums on campus

Make connections and look for academic, college and career advice.




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Looking for the ideal candidate to hire? Start your search here.

I want to hire for a...

Summer, Part-time or Seasonal position

I want to hire for part-time, seasonal or summer positions for students who are attending WWU or on summer break.

Career and/or Internship Employment Opportunity

I have an internship and/or a career related opportunity for a Western student/soon to be graduate that requires 0 – 3 years of experience.

Volunteer Opportunities

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Connect to Volunteer and Service Learning Opportunities both on and off campus.
Volunteering your time and expertise through nonprofit organizations can be a very gratifying experience.

I Need a Volunteer

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Need a volunteer for a project? Connect with the Volunteer Center of Whatcom County to get started.